Built for lecturers, loved by students

Tutor by AST is a library of curriculum based, interactive digital content, specifically developed and published to support lecturers and students at South African TVET Colleges.

Designed primarily for use as a high impact presentation resource to immediately support lecturers in delivering curriculum in their normal teaching and learning environments, Tutor is also effectively used by students for self-study in SSS resource centres and in computer laboratories.

Tutor energises the classroom environment using proven neuroscientific principles to ensure students enjoy a premium learning experience that boosts motivation and builds confidence incrementally.



Lecturers immediately experience benefits by having a library of dynamic model lessons, relevant practice activities and interactive group quizzes available at their fingertips to energise and support lesson delivery right inside the classroom.

·         More Supported

·         More Relaxed

·         More Effective

·         More Adaptable

·         More Confident

Lecturers save valuable time on lesson preparation, content creation and presentation, relieving time-stress and gaining expanded opportunities to engage students.

Tutor dramatically enhances any lecturers’ presentation capabilities. Stand-in lecturers are also given a valuable tool with which to support their colleagues, even outside of their own subject expertise.


Students benefit by having access to consistent, premium quality lessons, incorporating innovative instructional design techniques that allow them to focus on the content in a whole new way.

Clear, concise explanations, offered by a fresh, enthusiastic voices in appropriate language, motivates attention and builds a positive attitude towards subject matter.

Wherever possible, abstract concepts are simplified and graphically presented using colour and motion. 

Having direct access to exactly the same content used in lessons, allows students unlimited opportunity to revisit and review knowledge concepts and thoroughly prepare for upcoming assessments.