AST Tutor
AST Tutor is a library of curriculum based, interactive digital content

Designed primarily for use as a high impact presentation resource to immediately support lecturers in delivering curriculum in their normal

teaching and learning environments, Tutor is also effectively used by students for self-study in resourcecentres and in computer laboratories.

Available courses:
  • Mathematics NATED
  • Mathematics - NCV
  • Maths Literacy - NCV
  • Mathematics - PLP
  • Engilsh - FaL
  • Life Orientation
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Science - NCV
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Why Choose Us

Tutor enables lecturers to effortlessly present vibrant, full colour lessons, in an engaging audiovisual format to capture and hold student attention.

Content is feature rich with an emphasis on graphics and animation, to simplify explanations

visually and boost comprehension.

Built for lecturers

Lecturers have excellent control over the focus,

pace and flow of learning and are able to depart

from the lesson plan to address critical student

knowledge gaps in real time.

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Loved by students

Lessons covered in class are available outside

of class for catch-up, remedial, peer-tutoring,

subject review and exam preparation purposes, ensuring students are

 always well supported on their path to academic success.

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